10 Things You Didn’t Know About Table Mountain

1. One of the New 7 Wonders is the World, at over 260 million years old, Table Mountain is older than the Andes, the Alps, the Rocky Mountains and the Himalayas. The Alps are a relatively youthful 40-million years old.

2. Its highest point is Maclear’s Beacon, which is 1085 meters above sea level. That being said, much like some of your ex-partners ego, Table Mountain is still growing. The mountain is often covered in cloud which is known as the ‘Table Cloth’ – the cloud formation that develops over the top of the table mountain because of the forced lifting of air by the earth’s topography.

3. In 1998, former president Nelson Mandela said that Table Mountain was a gift from the Earth. Pretty much what my mom said about me when I was born.

4. A total of 4.2 million people visit it each year, and at least two people get married on Table Mountain every month. It is one of the most photographed places in the world.

5. World famous figures such as Oprah Winfrey, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Margaret Thatcher, Michael Schumacher, Tina Turner, and Sofia Vila Nova have all visited the iconic mark. You still don’t know who this last one is? Follow her on Instagram: @Anasufiavn.

6. For the fit and crazy, there are more than 350 hiking trails or routes available which take between one to three hours to reach the top. The Table Mountain National Park contains also approximately 160km of cycling track. Access is gained via day permits or annual activity permits. But you need to double check this, because I took the cable car. It carries around 65 people at one time now; in 1929 could only allocate 25. It is a scenic view!

7. The Cape of Good Hope section of the Table Mountain National Park is a haven for outdoor enthusiasts and offers besides the hiking and cycling already mentioned, also surfing, angling, picnicking, and beaching opportunities against the breathtaking backdrop of the mountains and coastline of the Cape Peninsula.

8. Animals to be found on the mountain include a Dassie. People say it looks like a guinea pig however to me it really looks just like a big rat. I have seen it with my own two eyes that this Earth will devour (a weird Portuguese idiomatic expression, sorry!)

9. Hoerikwaggo (Mountain in the Sea) is the original name given to the mountain chain by the indigenous Khoisan people of the Cape.

10. There is a lake in the Cape of Good Hope that has no rivers that lead into it: It is kept full only by underground water.

Sorry, but what are you still doing reading this post? Go book your flight, right now. And happy travels. ❤️

Sofia meets Iggy

Iguanas are the largest lizards in America. They has strong jaws with sharp teeth, very long and sharp tail that is usually half of the body size. The tail is used mainly for defense. Iguanas are among the world’s most endangered animals. The threats they face include severe habitat degradation by human development and invasive species, as well as harvesting for human use. Because iguanas are important seed dispersers for many native plants, their protection is vital to ecosystem health. Actually I shouldn’t have been afraid of her. She has a lot more reasons to be afraid of me.

Curiosidades sobre Edimburgo ou curious facts on Edi


Edinburgh is full of mystery, history and funny stories. There are about 16 thousand historical buildings of different epochs. Last time I counted, it had 112 parks, and more trees per head of population than any other city in the UK. Therefore a lot of places to hang people, they’d have thought in the old days, I bet. Hang on a minute, am I the only one here thinking like this and doing silly word plays? Edinburgh has a nickname, the Auld Reekie or old smoky, because in the past a lot of coal and wood were burnt for heating and the air was always full of smoke. So if your hair has been falling out, thinning, or breaking off at the ends you might want to follow the advice of the city residents, who in the 17th century believed that running the burnt ashes of dove’s droppings on their heads would cure baldness. Worth a try.

A cidade de Edimburgo tem muitas coisas curiosas. Por exemplo, reparei nas tantas janelas fechadas com tijolos. Percebi um pouco depois, em conversa, que em 1748, o governo escocês instituiu um imposto sobre janelas e todas as casas que tivessem pelo menos sete teriam que pagar por isso. Comprar tijolos sai realmente mais barato. No mesmo dia, corri a cidade velha de uma ponta à outra e parei pelo Grassmarket para beber uma Coca-Cola (product placement), que hoje é uma área de pubs, restaurantes e lojas, mas que antes era um mercado medieval onde acontecia a maioria dos enforcamentos públicos. Começo a notar um interesse meu um tanto mórbido por enforcamentos. É uma ideia presente nos dois textos, nas duas línguas. Pode ser coincidência. Mas moving on, não pude deixar de reparar na falta de gosto barra brilhantismo na escolha do nome de um dos pubs da área: Last Drop (a última gota), onde dizem os locais que os condenados à forca iam tomar seu último gole de álcool. Esses não morreram com cirrose. Para além de muitas janelas, muitas árvores, muitas chaminés, existem muitas pessoas ruivas. Não que tenha algo contra elas, tenho até um ou dois amigos ruivos que me ilibam de qualquer acusação de preconceito. Mas enquanto que na maioria dos países os ruivos representam 1% da população, na Escócia as pessoas de cabelos vermelhos são 7%. Outra coisa estranha an cidade (não que ser ruivo seja estranho) é o facto de boa parte dos bancos de praça da cidade, quem sabe todos, terem donos. Em Lisboa e noutras cidades do mundo os cães têm donos, os carros têm donos. Em Edimburgo, os bancos também. Todos os que vi têm placas com o nome de pessoas, que vim a saber já falecidas, e que costumavam sentar-se ali. É bem mais alegre ser-se dono de um banco de jardim ainda que depois de morto do que se ter uma placa numa campa. Mais vale estar-se eternamente sentado do que enterrado, não é? Quem paga por essas placas são as famílias, para homenagear os entes queridos. Ficam todos avisados, se eu morrer amanhã, quero ser cremada e quero ter um banco de jardim. Ao sol e com Wi-Fi, por favor.