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Corona Virus

I have taken this quarantine very seriously. I follow all orders and medical advice. I have been in total social isolation and confinement for over a month. But I do miss being free and dirty. Yes, because if now I don’t wash my hands for at least 20 seconds I feel really nasty. This must […]


Merda de Site

Troquei a merda do curso de jornalismo pela merda da publicidade. Estive uns 5 anos a trabalhar horas extra sem receber por elas e depois um dia troquei a terra pelo ar. Sou assistente de bordo desde 2011 e em Setembro desse ano comecei a trabalhar para a Etihad Airways. Troquei a minha amada Costa […]


Sofia meets Iggy

Iguanas are the largest lizards in America. They has strong jaws with sharp teeth, very long and sharp tail that is usually half of the body size. The tail is used mainly for defense. Iguanas are among the world’s most endangered animals. The threats they face include severe habitat degradation by human development and invasive […]