Top 10 fascinating dolphin facts

  • Dolphins used to live on land before adapting to the water. When scientists studied their fins, they found out that they are actually formed like legs and toes
  • Considering that dolphins now live in the sea and us humans on land, it is interesting to know that just a tablespoon of water in a dolphin’s lung could drown it, while a human would drown after two tablespoons
  • Breathing is not an automatic response for dolphins like it is for humans; they must tell themselves when to breathe, just like your blond ex-girlfriend
  • While sleeping, a dolphin must stay at the surface so its blowhole is not covered with water and it only switches off one side of its brain to keep breathing and staying alert
  • Dolphins give themselves names; they develop their own individual whistles as names. Mariiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiia…
  • If you killed a dolphin during the time of Ancient Greece it was punishable by death, because to the Greeks, dolphins were sacred fish
  • Dolphins are carnivores and an average dolphin eats about 30 pounds of fish a day
  • Dolphin sonar is superior to bats sonar and man-made sonar
  • Dolphins have few natural enemies, and we are their main threat
  • They are as smart as apes
  • They might be even smarter than you flatmate

Oh, they were 11 dolphin facts, I apologise.

Autor: Zufia

Blogger, copywriter, cabin crew, wanna-be translator, wanna-be screenwriter, wanna-be singer, wanna-be psychologist, very nice person but clearly suffering from alternating attention.

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